FIPS PUB 197 validated encryption algorithm


Employing AES-XTS 256-bit full disk hardware encryption, the diskAshur2 seamlessly encrypts all data on the drive whilst at rest, keeping your data safe even if the hard drive is removed from its enclosure.


EDGE Technology

(Enhanced Dual Generating Encryption) Uniquely  featuring a dedicated on-board secure microprocessor (Common Criteria EAL4+ ready) to enhance security through true random number generation and built-in cryptography. The data encryption key is protected by FIPS and Common Criteria validated wrapping algorithms.

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A review of the datAshur PRO

What's really neat about an encrypted USB drive like the datAshur PRO is that is bootable, it requires no additional drivers to work and has two ways to protect your data via an encryption key. This means noone can access the data nor can they copy the encrypted data without first entering the correct pin.